Stone washed linen

Besides the normal pure linen pattern,we Ollko also carry the stone washed linen,also called pre-washed linen in stock,in pure linen blank tea towels,linen cushions,pure linen bedding set,linen aprons,linen table cloth and table napkins etc.

Stone washing is a textile manufacturing process used to give a newly manufactured cloth a worn-out appearance. Stone-washing also helps to increase the softness and flexibility rigid fabric.The process uses large stones to roughen up the fabric being processed,first was mostly adopted on jeans or garments,but now days it is more and more popular on hometextiles,especially on pure linen materials. The products are placed in a large horizontal industrial cloyhes washer that is also filled with large stones. As the wash cylinder rotates, the cloth fibers are repeatedly pounded and beaten as the tumbling stones ride up the paddles inside the drum and fall back down onto the fabric.

Stone-washing softens the pure linen and loosens the weave, resulting in a slightly faded fabric with a vintage feel on dyed colors.

The stone washed linen help to win a more casual and comfortable look,so it is more and more hot and in fashion.