A Linen Tea Towel

?????? Tea towels or dish towels are one of the very important kitchen linen products required to keep the kitchen and dishes neat and clean.

A tea towel is a cloth for drying dishes, cutlery, etc. It is called dish towel in US English and tea towel in UK English. A tea towel or a dish towel is very handy and helps to give a neat and clean look to the kitchen. Few tea towels are too lovely to be hidden away. The attractively patterned linen tea towels or cotton dish towels are appealing to eyes and also have a high utility.traditionally tea towel was used for covering trays or baked food items (like biscuits, breads etc.) at tea time- hence the name tea towel! A tea towel is used for many other activities other than these: 

Serving Tray Covers- to cover a serving tray at tea time.
Warm Food Covers- to keep warm the fresh baked foods. Tea towels are occasionally used to even line a bread basket while folding it over the food to keep it warm.
Hand Towels- to be hanged in kitchen to wipe off wet hand.
Dish Towels- to dry dishes, cutlery, glasses and silverware etc. As the linen and cotton dish towels are absorbent and do not leave streaks on clean glassware, they are the most proffered kitchen linen products for the purpose.
Gift Wrap- to present gifts in style, especially for a hostess gift, housewarming present, bridal shower gift.
Craft Projects- to make aprons, kitchen curtains and even shopping bags. Embroidered dish towels are one of the very dear craft projects for hobbyists.
Decorative Linen- to decorate kitchen. Dish towels are often hung in the front parlor or a kitchen for decoration.
Souvenirs- to be gifted to friends or family as a reminder of a trip. The decorative tea towels with local maps,animals,flowers or recipes printed,or some with excellent hand embroidery or hemstitched.Which is wonderful as a gift,valueable but inexpensive.
For Tea Towel and Dish Towel material options,Linen is considered to be the best.The Linen Tea Towels are both absorbent and lint free,no other material does it better.
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