Hemstitched works on luxury pure linen items

Hemstitch or hem-stitch is a decorative drawn thread work or openwork hand-sewing technique for embellishing the hem of clothing or household linens. Unlike an ordinary hem, hemstitching can employembroidery thread in a contrasting color so as to be noticeable.

In hemstitching, one or more threads are drawn out of the fabric parallel and next to the turned hem, and stitches bundle the remaining threads in a variety of decorative patterns while securing the hem in place. Multiple rows of drawn thread work may be used.

Hand hemstitching can be imitated by a hemstitching machine which has a piercer that pierces holes into the fabric and two separate needles that sew the hole open. There are also hemstitcher attachments for home sewing machines, and simple decorative stitches can be used over drawn threads to suggest hand-hemstitching

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This is a very old way of decorating a household linen items,mainly on linen table napkin,table cloth,table runners,linen cushions and guest towels.But now people who are talented at this works are fewer and fewer,so hemstitched items could only have the usage value,but also collection value.

For a more durable and easy care consideration,it develops with a machine stitch,called dot hemstitch,refer following effect,which could be machine washable and more effecient on making them.