Linens in Event

Linens are made into table cloth,table napkin,linen aprons,linen cushion cover and bedding sets,besides used in our daily life at home or outdoor,and more and more popular be used in events like weddings or anniversaries.

The following goes for some of our examples offered to weddings and anniversaries.

This is one of our very successful linens offered to a wedding ocassion,all are in offwhite color linen,both table cloth and table napkins,for matching the whole designing tone.With more and more knowing about linen,to our Ollko people,the linen are not only products,but also arts,decoration arts.The automosphere linens earn here,which is not replaceable,which is from the characters of the linen flax,the smoothy,clean but draping.Customers compared many materials and finalised in the linen.The linen cost is high,but worth it----This is the most regular saying of our customers.

This is linens for an aniversary occasion,at the seaside,simple green color table napkin with dot hemstitch design,matching the steel spoon and forks,simple but very refreshing,perfect for a outdoor event.


Another example for a wedding,which adopts the burlap factors,help to win a very Vintage tone,yes,is for France,a romantic range.

Ollko is very happy to develop many more linens which could meet your taste!